Welcome to All Beats Radio!

Allbeatsradio is a non-profit web radio station for club music enthusiasts started and maintained by 2 Toronto Canada based DJ's . With a lot of web radio playing different styles that really don't embrace commercial open format programming, they decided to bring the club sound to you via Allbeatsradio. As a Non Profit, commercial free stream and AD-Free website, all costs are out of pocket, and any donation helps differ the costs and we truly appreciate it.

Allbeatsradio plays music from all genres of club music. from all genres of E.D.M, Top 40 remixes, Club Anthems,Urban, Reggae, Soca, RnB, and spans from the 80's Club Tracks to Today, we are culturally diverse with our LIVE and contributing DJ's programming, being from backrounds such as Europe, The Caribean, Canada, and the U.S.A. we hope you enjoy our pre-progammed and LIVE shows.

Join our interactive chat or listen via your favorite mobile device (apps available on the chat page)

We are listed and can be found on the following internet radio sites.
Yourmuze.fm: http://www.yourmuze.fm/webplayer/?id=76006

Webradiocentral.com: http://www.webradiocentral.com/stations/71069-allbeatsradio

Radiotuna.com - Type in allbeatsradio in the search bar and we show as "allbeatsradio club hits" also has a desk top player should you want to downlaod it and listen to us anytime!

Tunein.com: http://tunein.com/radio/allbeatsradio-s187527 - this site also has a great mobile app. available. Listen to us in the car, on your mobile device!